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On-one fleegle bars

snoopsmydoggsnoopsmydogg Posts: 1,110
edited April 2013 in MTB buying advice
Anyone using these? Was considering trying a set on my inbred but flat bars seem to get mixed reviews.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    One of those things you have to try - the backsweep isn't for everyone.
  • snoopsmydoggsnoopsmydogg Posts: 1,110
    Thank SS I saw the back sweep but wasn't sure how much of an effect it would have. Was looking to try a set of wider bars but its difficult to find wide 25.4 bars
  • snoopsmydoggsnoopsmydogg Posts: 1,110
    Well i've ordered a set, i needed a shock pump anyway and the phaart pump is half price so both together saved on postage.

    Will give them a couple of weeks to see how i get on.
  • Interesting bars, let us know how they feel.
  • snoopsmydoggsnoopsmydogg Posts: 1,110
    Well they arrived quickly but only got chance to get them fitted today, haven't had chance to try them on the trails but they seemed quite comfortable on a short test ride. Just need to get used to them having no rise compared to my old bars.

    View from the cockpit

  • flatpatflatpat Posts: 78
    Please let us know. Also considering them for a more comfort wrist position.
  • snoopsmydoggsnoopsmydogg Posts: 1,110
    Ok so a bit of an update on these.

    Still haven't managed to get over to the forests since a few friends have started getting into road bikes but have had a few 10-15 mile xc/trail rides (local woods, trials centre, bridleways, tracks etc). The bars took a little setting up to get right as I originally had them turned slightly up but have found them to be much more comfortable in a pretty much flat/horizontal position. Although wider they feel a bit twitchier and closer but otherwise pretty good. I hardly notice the extra back sweep even though they do look quite different to normal bars.

    All in all i'm pretty happy with them. I have a longer stem to try but want to wait until i've tried a few drops/jumps before I switch. Otherwise they are very comfortable and i haven't found myself moving my hands around as much, they give good leverage and even though I have never been the greatest of climbers but I wouldn't say they held me back in any way.

    For anyone thinking of giving them a go, at the price I would say they are definitely worth a try.
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