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Mac + GC + PC7

markwb79markwb79 Posts: 932
I am trying to download some data from my PC7 onto GC for the first time.

I am doing it from the Download from Device option.

It Selects D2XX:Powercontrol 7 in the Select Port

But when I click on download I get the following error message?

failed to allocate device handle: d2xx: lt_dlopen(libftd2xx) failed: file not found

Any ideas.

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  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,358
    this is gc 3? it's still being developed, might be a bug, check you're on the very latest binary

    also, you could try installing the ftdi drivers... ... AC_OSX.pdf

    fwiw i'm still using gc 2.1, i run srmwin under vmware to do downloads and manage the pc7, then just drag the files out into osx to add them to gc
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