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campagnolo scirocco rear wheel bearings siezed

kirkeekirkee Posts: 369
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I have recently had to return my rear campagnolo scirocco wheel to the bike shop where I purchased them to get the bearings sorted. The wheels had light use 500 mls max and are 11 months old. The rear wheel bearings totaly siezed up a few days after a very wet ride. I did the normal post ride lube up on the chain etc. I am surprised the bearings went as I have used various models of campagnolo hubs over the years and had no problems at all. I am back on my old spare wheels built on Daytona hubs which are silky smooth after 11 years and 1000's of miles.
The bike shop were excellent and sorted the issue for free but they told me that the suplier (Im guessing Campagnolo UK) told them that the problems were most likely caused by the owner using a jet wash and the skewers maybe tightened up too much. Well i dont do either, has anyone else had similar problems, is it a one off or has the quality gone downhill at campagnolo?
Caveat - I buy and ride cheap, however, I reserve the right to advise on expensive kit that I have never actually used and possibly never will


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