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Seeking advice - all help appreciated

MortMWMortMW Posts: 2
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I am about to buy a new MTB. It's been a while so I am not really up to date in terms of available stuff. Since I've gained some weight I am looking for ways to lose it. Tried gym, but after such a long break couldn't motivate on my own. When I was younger, more of my mates were into it. Never mind. ;) I'd like to ride my bicycle.. Tfu, new bicycle.. ;)

Anyways - since I was little I knew how important it was to buy proper stuff - which would last, rather than buying cheap 1 year rubbish. Good quality and value for money.

I've been looking around, reading some posts on this forum and managed to find few bikes. My question is - which of them would be the best in terms of spec? Which of them would you choose if it would be for you? I may get this one for around 800 if I am lucky.. ;)

Many thanks in advance


  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Personally the Anthem X3 its a blindingly fast yet tough bike that will get you to the top of every hill in the land and if your not too mental will get you to the bottom in one piece. Its one of the all time great bikes in my opinion and shows that you dont need a lardy long travel bike. Its not for jumping but is for long fast blasts cross country.
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