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Gorrick Spring Series R4 tomorrow

Gorrick TeamGorrick Team Posts: 10
edited March 2013 in XC and Enduro
We have had some slushy snow, but R4 tomorrow is on. We will be doing a course inspection at 2pm and updates will be posted here: ... 6312573947


  • grawpgrawp Posts: 46
    Well that was one of the best bike rides I've had this year!
    Course was excellent and was properly twisty. Just about all singletrack and totally rideable.
    (7th place supermasters. God those guys are quick. How in the hell do they get down the singletrack so fast without crashing?)
  • What time was your race? Mine was at 1 and the track had knee-deep mud in places.
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  • grawpgrawp Posts: 46
    My race started at 10.02 so apart from the youths and experts we were the first on the track.
    Some bits really deteriorated during my 4 laps but a dry line was developing on other sections. I can think of a few spots that must have been really bad by 1pm.
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