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Fort Bill with Tag-along bikes

actsolutionsactsolutions Posts: 94
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Myself, GF and our 2 kids (6,7) are going to Fort bill for the first time in August. We ride with them on tag-along bikes so we can cover longer distances they are pretty good now, we have done things like glentress red, which I admit is a bit sketchy but they love it.
We would like to spend a day on the gondolas at fort bill and take the tag-alongs, I realise the DH Track is out of the question, not sure about the red run? Probably also a step too far. Does anyone know if there is a good forest road we can use for the decent. I’m guessing there must be as they built a visitor center up their but having never been I’m not sure.
I can see a route on Google earth but can’t see any detail.


  • As far as I can remember, the only routes down from the top station at the Fort is the Downhill or Nevis Red routes. I'd also be very surprised if they'd let you take a tag-along up in the gondola.
    The red run is a pretty severe red in places as well - definitely more like a black here and there, and certainly a 'level up' from the reds at Glentress. There are a few tight hairpins on northshore where it's hard enough to get your bike round on it's own - no chance when pulling something behind you, and as they're cutting their way across the hillside, the drop off on the downhill side is pretty high if you get it wrong.
    There are the Witch's Trails at the bottom of the mountain, with plenty of decent singletrack and forestry roads that the tag-alongs would cope with no problem. Probably a bit easier/duller than the red at Glentress though !
    If you can get yourself a bit further north, there's plenty of scope for tag-alongs at Aviemore, around Loch an Eilean, Loch Morlich, and Rothiemurchus.
    I've also seen tag-alongs ( with screaming kids ! ) on the orange run at Laggan Wolftrax once, although the rest of the runs at Laggan would be too much for them I think ( apart from the green run obviously ).
    There's also Learnie Redrock further north again. You'd get round everything here with tag-alongs, with the exception of the black. In fact I'd bet the orange would be a right laugh - just take the chicken runs near the bottom to avoid the jumps !
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