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what hybrid wheels/tyres can I put on voodoo hoodoo

MedwayComputersMedwayComputers Posts: 34
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I have a voodoo hoodoo and wondered if anyone can tell me what I need to get some hybrid tyres on it.
As I'm only a novice I need to know whether I need to change the wheels (to what) and what tyres? or can I fit hyrbid tyres on the original wheels.

Many thanks,


  • What are you thinking a hybrid tyre is?
  • I was looking for a tyre thats thinner for more road cycling but capable to go though the fields if i need to.
    Obviously it wont have as much grip.
    Just that I go out cycling now with a colleague and he has a lot thinner tyre and he always seems to be cycling easier. I tried his mountain bike and when you compare it to mine I feel as thou I'm cycling through sand.
    His is a hybrid.
    I suppose just changing the tyre may help?
  • Yeah for sure, but his will be faster on the road really.

    I take it yours is 26 inch wheels, his will be a 29er. You just need some slicks, loads out there.
  • so just look for some 26x1.95 slicks and inner tubes i presume?
    Also If I wanted to have a whole set of new wheels rather than swapping tyres would I also need to buy the rear gears again or do they just come off?
  • oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
    Continental Double Fighters are a decent and cheap hybrid tyre. They have a slick centre but shallow grip on either edge for cornering off road. You may need some thinner tubes though as you will be dropping from a high volume 2.25 tyre to a 1.9.

    And yes the cassette does just come off but you will need a chain whip, cassette remover tool, and either a vice or a spanner (usually 26mm) to hold the tool. So the whole getting another set of wheels for hybrid tyres will be pricey!
  • Just put some of the continental double fighters on, thanks for the advice.
    Will be seeing how they play this weekend.
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    DanDax1990 wrote:
    Schwalbe City Jets.
    Hardly hybrid. I've tried mine on a gravel cycle path and they didn't like it one bit!
  • DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
    Ut oh, I missed the 'fields' bit. My bad!
  • well those double fighters made the difference, when free rolling I nearly kept up with my friend and it still went through the fields just fine. Along the roads I was keeping up as well.
    Its amazing what difference they make.

    Thank you for the advice.
  • houston26houston26 Posts: 115
    I know you've got sorted, but I put Schwalbe Cx comps on my hoodoo and have nothing but positive things to say about them, very cheap (11 each on crc) I can keep up with my brother on his giant roam now whereas before I was pedalling like crazy downhill and he would just glide past
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