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yet another retard question re garmin 800

the playing mantisthe playing mantis Posts: 2,129
edited February 2013 in Road beginners
i bought 800 with os maps, in order to use these do i need to load these somehow or if i just stick the microsd of the o/s maps in its port in the device will that suffice?

yes yes probably a stupid, LAZY question but i want a quick answer and this is the best place for that imo.


  • nmtnmt Posts: 88
    Just slot the card in and away you go :)
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    So just how many people do you think you have offended with that heading? :-)
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  • nmt, is that a serious response??!!
    dont i have to go on the garmin website or conect the device to the pc and fiddle around with the folders at all, or is it really as simple as just sticking the mirosd in???!!

    smidsy, well, as im bracketing myself as a retard too, hopefully none!
  • nmtnmt Posts: 88
    Yes just pop it in and your done, t hat's all i had to do.

    I would suggest not bothering with garmin base camp just use garmin connect to make any routes you want
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Stick the card in with the maps on it and let the unit boot up. Spanner --> System --> Map --> Map Information then select the OS maps. Reboot unit and away you go.
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