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Where can I try a bike, before buying it?

JoshChapmanJoshChapman Posts: 4
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I've recently decided I'd like to buy a road bike, but I've never riden one before... It's the prospect of being able to get from one place to another, relatively quickly (and because, with 2.35 width tyres, my mountain bike is USELESS on the road). I think I like the look of either the Cube Peloton 2013, Specialized Allez Sport 2013, or the Giant Defy 2 2013.
So where can I test ride some of these bikes? I know that both my LBS and Halfords do not allow you to 'try before you buy', but I've been told that you should never buy a bike without trying it?
Also, what's the best road bike I could hope to buy, with £800 being the absolute limit?

Many thanks!


  • Not sure where you are located.

    But if your looking at a Spec then this might help you out -
    As they offer a try before you buy scheme. Quite a few stores do have demo bikes just might need to call around them first.
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  • Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
    I know that both my LBS and Halfords do not allow you to 'try before you buy'
    Really? Any LBS worth its salt will let you ride a bike before you buy, subject to leaving a suitable deposit behind. I suggest you try a different LBS. Provided you're going to be out for less than an hour it really shouldn't be a problem.
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  • nick1972nick1972 Posts: 144
    Evans offer a test ride policy before buying..
  • Without knowing where you live, we can not recommend a place to try.

    However, if you are anywhere near Eastbourne, then I can thoroughly recommend The Tri Store. They will let you try out a bike locally if you leave a debit/credit card and a form of ID. I quite often leave a kid behind, keep meaning to not return the bike :twisted:

    At £800, Spesh Allez or Giant Defy generally win the magazine tests so may well be worth trying. You should get Sora groupset as a minimum and may even get Tiagra if your LBS is feeling generous.
  • Mikey41Mikey41 Posts: 690
    £800 Defy 2 gets you Tiagra, so should almost everything else at that level I would have thought. If you can try all 3 that you are interested in at one shop, that would be ideal.
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  • tetley10tetley10 Posts: 693
    I've got a 2013 Peloton. Really happy with mine but I did get to try before I bought it.
  • It amazes me that shops that don't allow test rides sell any bikes at all. Simply avoid them and utilise the LBS that gives you the best advice and service.

    I offered to put the whole cost of a not inexpensive bike on my credit card to secure a test ride (so no risk to the shop that I might "do one"), on the basis that when I return the bike in one piece they would refund my card. "We don't do refunds, but we can give you a credit note" was the reply.

    I left and took my money to an excellent LBS that couldn't have been more accommodating.

    On the basis that I believe good service should be shouted about from the roof tops, I'm happy to recommend both The Bike Shed in Exeter and The Triathlon Shop in Bristol. I have no affinity to either, they are just good, end of!
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