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Info on child bike trailers

clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
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Hoping to do some minor touring in Europe with our new daughter this summer - and dreaming of doing some major touring in the future again. We have just one child at the moment - we are planning a second so a two child trailer may be required (although will I be able to tow it with 2 sprogs in is another question!)

So in the market for a decent childbike trailer. It needs to be durable and safe above all, lightweight being a bonus. I am quite prepared to invest in a decent trailer as I hope to use it a lot but I am struggling to choose between the various options.

It seems Burley and Chariot are both highly regarded and that a solid base is desirable from the point of durability and waterproofness. Apparently the hitch type is also vital - I have rear pannier racks on A roberts Roughstuff so the htch needs to work with this.

Any advice greatly appreciated! In particluar if anyone can point me to a shop that stocks these somewhere in the South East so I can see a few in the flesh that would be great.


  • I'd consider the Croozer Kid for 2 as well. I found the Burley a little agricultural in construction by comparison with Croozer & Chariot. With the Croozer you get the stroller and jogger adaption in the price, with Chariot they are extra's. Where in the SE are you? I have a Kid for 2 in the shop you could look at.
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  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
    Hi - in Tadworth, near Epsom ie just inside M25 south of London.
  • We're just west of Wantage so just over an hour away.
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  • I bought a two-seat trailer from Halfords a few years ago and was very happy with it, although I used it only for local running around, not major touring. It was sturdy - capable of carrying shopping as well as children - and apparently could be converted to a stroller too, not that I ever did that. Heavy of course and I wouldn't fancy towing it up a big hill with even one child in.
    One thing to bear in mind is that not all children enjoy being in a trailer, particularly very young ones who prefer to be close to a parent. It would be a shame if you spent a lot of money and then found your baby cried its head off and scuppered your holiday plans. Not quite sure how you test that though...
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