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Lost in the North!

Help! Got asked in work to help mentor and lead a group of bankers on a ride over two days. Said "of course, I'd love to to it, out of work for three days you say?, full pay and on my bike? whats not to like!" Only problem is that I havnt a clue what route to bring them.

Starting from the Ferry in Hull and want to get 140k up the road for an overnight and then a further 140k down to Liverpool. Will be about 20 riders, all of whom from France/Belgium and dont know where they're going, and will have support van.

Trying to avoid main roads , anyone out there be able to help with suggested routes, some or all of the way?



  • Possible route is the C2C trans pennine trail route from hornsea to southport( goes via Liverpool) ... 208-mile-1
  • rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
    Day one - go north over the Yorkshire Wolds (good scenery and some nice climbs) through Beverley and up to Malton then turn West towards Harrogate for the over night. There will be excellent accommodation and food options there.

    Day two - West towards Liverpool. You can take in some of the Dales or Forrest of Bowland then hit the coast and follow it South to your destination.

    It will be hard to stick to your 140km per day without sending you through some dull urban bits or doing some fast A road sections.

    Alternative - south over Humber Bridge, Scunthorpe, Doncaster, skirt around south of Sheffield and into Peaks for a few nice climbs then stay in Buxton (approx 90 miles). Next day descend from Peaks via Macclesfield, cross nice and flat Cheshire towards Ellesmere Port and take ferry across to Liverpool from Birkenhead. Nice way to see the city approaching it from the sea.

    Either way you do it the last leg will involve some urban stretches. Second version probably minimises them though.
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