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Piriformis Syndrome...Help...!

JamesVecJamesVec Posts: 7
Ive had this issue for a number of years now. So very painful.

Has anyone actually been 100% cured who suffer from this/have suffered from this?

If so by what means? Stretching and mysofacial self release? Altering your position? Saddle position?

I have chiro once a month and have started using a foam roller for 15mins once a day which immediately relieves my symptoms i get from day to day (not bike related), just from my normal day to day life.

Ive also put some inserts into my cycling shoes as i have fallen arches (over pronate) which i believe will aggravate the condition.

Its so very painful, particularly when...
- pressing on hard, the harder you go for sustained periods the worst it gets
- the longer the ride the worst it gets
- time trialing is when its at its worst

Thank you in advance!


  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    Well, perhaps you might think about finding an alternative to your Chiropractor.. a qualified therapist from these accredtion people could lead you to alternative treatment for your chronic condition.

    I have no persoanl connection but I do know someone who is currently training and Level 5 means it is pretty full on training and qualification.
  • Stretching and foam-rolling have limited effect -- for a permanent solution you need to focus on strenghthening the gluteals and hip abductors.
    Bill Black
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Do some 'clams'
    Insta: ATEnduranceCoaching
    ABCC Cycling Coach
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