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Flat MTB shoes...?

nasha48nasha48 Posts: 228
edited December 2012 in MTB buying advice
After some new flat shoes for my Wellgo studded flat pedals. General UK forest riding, thick mud/clay in parts much of the year. Problem is I'm size 12, which rules out almost everything Shimano make (AMD's were on my list originally). Not interested in clipless for off road. Bloody 5/10's are always a bit expensive, though they do sound good I admit and currently thinking I'm gonna have to go with them in the end. Actually been getting on we'll for couple of years wearing Merrell's, but these again are circa £80 and meant for wearing in town as opposed to getting wrecked on a bike. These Merrell's have now split all over, unsurprisingly.

Anyway, any sensible suggestions on a flat shoe for all year riding sub £40? Not bothered too much with them getting soaked as I realise I need to also get some good w/p socks too (have always just put up with chilly wet feet for last few years!).


  • CB75CB75 Posts: 49
    i recently picked up a pair of teva shoes half price from £90 to £45. these are eVent lined and are waterproof. Dont think they have a sale on just now but just keep an eye on their website and you maybe pick up a bargain.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    I am currently using a pair of Karrimor vibram sole waterproof shoes I picked up in Sports Direct for £36. Not quite as grippy on the pedals as proper flat pedal shoes but you dont fall on your backside everytime you try to walk on slippery surfaces. Also its nice to have dry feet and not to have to spend a week drying them out when you get home.
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