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Long shot but trying to locate a company after an accident

pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
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Yesterday, about 20ft behind me a motorcyclist ended up on the deck when a van pulled out on him at a roundabout.

Biker seemed ok but bike was a bit damaged. The driver was full of apologies.

I left the biker my mobile number just in case he had any problems witness wise (I didn't see 'it' but driver might change his story). I carried on about my journey.

He has phoned me today, having spoken to the police and said the driver gave him a piece of paper with a phone number on and the person who answered is saying it's nothing to do with them. He neglected to get a registration and can't remember the name that was on the van.

Annoyingly I can't remember the company name either - I was standing there for a bit looking straight at it but I just assumed the biker would get this and it didn't register with me properly. I know that if I see it again I will recognise it.

The incident happened just outside Victoria Park near Grove Road - it was a small white van and I'm sure there was a small orange/blue logo on the back. The company name started something like Hux... or Hun.... and for some reason I have in my head it was something to do with security or surveillance or monitoring or 'systems'. I've had a quick look on for E14 but can't find anything (which is not surprising really)

Long shot I know but any ideas? Alternatively, if anyone can do hypnosis in the E14 area during lunch hour, the image is stuck there in my head, somewhere.

As a indictment on human nature, as the biker was pushing his bike away and I was with him, someone driving past shouted 'ha ha'.


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