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Bike Storage in an Apartment - Any Ideas???!

desob33desob33 Posts: 4
edited January 2013 in Commuting general

Between myself and herself we have 3 bicycles, (1 race and 2 commuting / training bikes) and we are living in a 2-bed city apartment.

I am converting the spare room to storage and have been looking at bicycle wall mounts / clever ways to store bikes (as they are good quality bikes and I'm hesitant to leave them on the balcony as they'll get ruined in the bad weather).

I've been looking at wall mounts but it's impossible to know which ones are good / the most efficient in terms of both space but also in taking down to use and putting back up without killing yourself.

Would anyone have any experience / ideas on how best to store bikes in an apartment and suggest any suitable wall mount products / handy tips?



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