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Just thought I would say Hi

eternalstudenteternalstudent Posts: 29
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New to the forum and only just getting back on to a bike after a few years off.

Used a Giant Terrago for my daily 26 mile commute when I lived in Nothumberland (fantastic tracks), but never rode for fun.

Just started to ride for fun and been putting together a bit of a Franken Bike: It started life as a Carrera Kraken, but all that remains is the frame!!
Upgraded the forks to Tora 318's
stole the running gear of the Terrago so Deore shifters and mech's
Stole the brakes Giant MPH hydraulics.

Now left with a Terrago frame to convert to a new road commuter bike :-).
When God gave out brains I thought he said trains, and I said "it's OK I already have one".


  • RandGRandG Posts: 779
    Hi and welcome.

    Where do you ride ?

    Solo or group ride ?
  • Greer_Greer_ Posts: 1,716
    Have a look in my sig, but also see if you can find TheBeginner's thread, he has a kraken that's been converted to commuting duties.
  • Greer_Greer_ Posts: 1,716
    Whoops, maybe not, could've sworn I seen a commuting bike thread from him somewhere, but here is his kraken anyways - viewtopic.php?f=10017&t=12850357&p=17580948&hilit=kraken#p17580948
  • My riding is mostly in a group at the moment. I need the kick from a group to get the old dogy ticker to play properly (fitness goes so quick LOL).
    I live in Dundee and my riding is on the more sensible tracks. Not really into the DH stuff, more the slightly tricky single track. It does not help that most of it is at night!!!! (but been looking at the threads on here about decent lights)

    I saw the thread on the kraken turned to a commuter bike, which got me thinking of what to do with the Terrago frame.

    I'll get some pics of it up when there is a bit more light. All in its turning into a nice bike. It is the older frame to Greer's but I was pleasantly surprised when it tuned out not to be a complete dog!
    When God gave out brains I thought he said trains, and I said "it's OK I already have one".
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