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Spoke dun broke

pangolinpangolin Posts: 4,564
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Clunk. Twang. Grind to a halt :( Luckily I was near home!

Does anyone know what I should buy to replace it?


It's a front wheel spoke. The wheels are Shimano Ultegra. The ones on there at the moment are black.

A search seemed to turn up just silver ones in 2 slightly different lengths :?
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  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    LBS should only charge a few quid to get you one and fit?
  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 4,564
    Kinda want to give it a go myself. I have tuned wheels before, but never put in a new spoke entirely.

    One step closer to building my own and all that.

    May take it to the shop if I can't find the one I need though.
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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    It looks like a Shimano RS80 wheel which I think is very similar to the Ultegra wheel. When I twanged a spoke on my RS80s I hunted around the net for a spare but they cost £4-5 each... SJS Cycles had them I think. RS20 spokes fit RS80s...
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  • nigglenoonigglenoo Posts: 177
    Shimano parts like this are normally available to order from Madison through your LBS- take the wheel in and they should be able to look up the correct one on 'the system'. Its hard to find black aero spokes individually (presume they are aero), best I can find are £5 each: ... ml?pse=coa so its worth asking the price of a genuine Shimano one (or a cheap round spoke from the likes of Spa Cycles should do the job if you want to save some dosh).

    Replacement should be reasonably straightforward but it will show any induced twist in the spoke rather obviously when tightening, to get rid of the twist tighten half a turn then back off a quarter turn, repeat until it twangs at the same pitch as its neighbours, check the wheel is true, ride it for a while and recheck for tension and trueness. If more break soon then it is time for a rebuild, but if the rim is worn as well then price up a new wheel to compare.

    (Handbuilt is best for durability and economy in the long run IMO, and a 32H wheel with standard profile quality rims and DB spokes weighs a surprisingly similar amount compared to something with a lower spoke count but heavier deep section aero rims)
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