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Back pain.

I often get quite intense back pain, particularly on a longer ride. The pain is, more often than not, located in my very lower back and, at times, can be incredibly uncomfortable. I ride XC trails and, although it is more prominent after a longer ride, it is sometimes present after as little as 10 miles. What can I do to try and combat this?
Just ride.


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    * ensure your riding position is comfortable - most weight through the pedals, light on the saddle & bars
    * try alternating your leading leg - muscle imbalance is a common cause of back pain. 5 left 5 right on the climbs work that trailing leg
    * stretch calves/thighs/hams/glutes etc after every ride stay flexible
    * build your core muscles
    * do some basic yoga
    * stay hydrated

    May also be worth asking the lbs/club for a reputable physio - finding one that actually understands biking can be difficult.

    Good luck with it
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    Check your bike fit first. Ignore the yoga,stretches and core for now.
  • ben11ben11 Posts: 103
    I have recently overcome back pain, search on youtube there is a video with some hip and core exercises, i also added in extra hamstring stretches.
  • xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
    Unfortunately my lower back pain was so severe i had to get rid of my mountain bike, but whilst i had it i found a few things that helped:
    *Shorter stem more relaxed riding position
    *Saddle, i changed mine to a Charge spoon helped loads
    *I changed my seatpost to a carbon one, it must have took a bit of the rumble out you could buy one from on one The brand is Maxm costs £20
    *Stretching, your back muscles are connected to many other parts of the body, stretching your neck, thighs and muscles surrounding the back will help a lot.
    *God forbid that yours gets as bad as mine but acupuncture really helped me whilst i was still in my wheelchair, now im out of it and still having it i can still feel a huge benefit whilst im on my road bike without the acupuncture i would feel much worse.
    Hope this helps a bit :D
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  • i moved to a 29er, a more upright position too....i found it doesnt jar so much over rough ground....

    plus all of the above is very good advice....

    good luck
  • I have this issue. On my last bike I moved the saddle forward 20mm or so and it seemed to cure it. I've just got a new bike and am experiencing the same problem so I will be experimenting with saddle, stem and handlebar positions.

    Give the saddle a slide forward first off so you are slightly less stretched out. Good luck, back pain is horrible.
  • I had this problem myself and got around it by resting up for about 1 month

    then using a recumbent style exercise bike at my local gym instead of regular road/trail cycling

    here is an article about it <a href="">Whats the best exercise bike for me</a>
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