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Halfords cycle2work

gpaxgpax Posts: 3
edited September 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi, im new to these forums but they look good with plenty of decent advice
Iv recently got back into riding due to the cycle2work scheme and unfortunately due to my work place only doing the halfords one thats how i based my costs
But i just want to point out that a couple of days ago i found out that we're not only stuck with using halfords
if you give the cycle2work scheme a call they will give you a list of all local bike dealers which accept the voucher
So iv managed to get myself a trek 4500 for £490 which i feel is a good starting point (for me anyway)for this year
even if the components arnt up to much
I will only be using this to get to work and some light trail riding just to get me back in the groove
but at least next year if i decide to upgrade i now can get the correct amount by looking in the local dealers before applying
Regarding the trek frame would it be worth upgrading the parts if i decided to keep it ?
Any input would be much appriciated


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    But you would have got a better bike from Halfords for the price.
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  • Unfortunately I side with cooldad on this one, being in almost an identical position to you. I went with one of the Boardmans. Incredibly well specced and widely considered great value for money. If you havent taken delivery yet maybe worth a look....
  • My company is the same but I always bypass Halfords and get my bikes from Leisurelakes.

    I also found out that onyourbike accept them as well. All you do is phone up halfords and tell them which shop you'll be buying from and they transfer the voucher over to them on their system.
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