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Can we not have a post of the day thread. I can be a post from any sub forum and we could keep a log the falling standards of BR. You just need to copy the quote and date-time it.

My nomination for today would be

mudcow007 wrote:
touching my self an eating wotsits
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    Missing out!
    by richie1973 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:53 pm

    Wow, out sunday on my first ride. i have just purchesed a.....
    I am new to road biking, yeh some of it due to the olympics but also some due to looking for an alternative to running when i pick up injuries. Why oh why did i not do this before!!! My first ride was from cleethorpes to mablethorpe plus return, 52.5 miles in total, i loved it. Yeh ok i am new to road biking but have for a good few years run 2 to 3 10k runs per week plus football and smaller runs. i am 39 so injuries a starting to worrie me, hence the road bike. I rode 52 mile and my computer sain i averaged 17mph for total distance covered, there was a wind but to be honest it was more a cross wind than a tail or head wind. oh and the ride is almost flat the whole way. my peddals have not arrived yet so i had to ride with custome flat pedals with no clips or straps at all. My bike looks amazing, well to me anyway, it is extreemly light and goas very well. i expected alot of feel from the road due to no susspension like you get on a mb, it was very little to be honest. the frame is in a matt finish, a bit of a mish mash on components but i got it for £700 so think all is well for my first road bike.

    now my questions,
    my chain jumped off, inside from the front towards the frame. also i get a lot of noise from my front deralier. should you be able to use the whole cassett in both front cogs without noise on a compact? do i need to adjust my front mech or poss swap for a better one? shifting in the rear seems ok.

    also...i noticed that to stop the noise from my front mech i had to keep switching from 50 to 34 and vice versa. i sometimes found i wanted to run in the 50 front and a cog at the rear but i suffered the noise i mentioned, i switched to the 34 front but then had to go smaller rear which also gave me noise, i just couldnt find the right gear a lot of the time. any advice? (50 front in small cogs was to hard for me, when i moved to bigger reaf cogs i get more comfy but then get noise from front mech. i use front 34, to easy on some rear cogs, i move to smaller cogs, get to comfort zone but experience noise??? help!) i am aware of trimming but this only helps in the odd gear not all.

    thanks in advance guys and gals, i am a newbie and welcome all advice, good or bad. i have missed out on so much enjoyment, being out on the open road felt so much like me time, just me and thet bike. i am so much gonna put in the miles.i always used to wonder what the lycra bunch got out of it, i see now.

    ps, any tips on bike improvements feel free to momentrichie1973

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    Cleethorpes to mabelthorpe. never dunnit myself.
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