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Kent ride Sunday September 2nd (60 odd miles)

sandiansandian Posts: 68
Morning/afternoon/evening all,

A friend and i will be riding from Sittingbourne to Reculver next Sunday, 2nd September.
A nice country road/seaside ride through Teynham, Bysing woods, Faversham, Seasalter, Whitstable, Herne Bay onto Reculver
Short notice i know, being a dad you have to get out when ya can, which i'm sure many of you can appreciate!!
It will be an early' ish start, around 7am i would imagine, from Mcdonalds carpark Sittingbourne retail park.
A spot of breakfast/cake at Reculver, then back!
Won't be racing there and back, a steady 26mph, :wink: . I wish!
Done it on me lonesome last time, a bit of company would be nice this time.

Cheers Ian


  • What's your eta for reculver?
  • sandiansandian Posts: 68
    I would imagine around 9'ish
  • Well I'll either meet you at Sittingbourne or at reculver. It depends if I can get to Sittingbourne in time.
  • Ummmm, just realised that it only gets light about 6 so theres not much chance of me riding to Sittingbourne for 7 in the morning so I will aim to be lurking at reculver at 9ish.
  • That route is one of my training rides, but alas I'll be doing the Redhill CC sportive that day so won't be able to join you. Enjoy the ride, it's a fun route as you can really pick up a good average speed if the wind is obliging, on the other hand, cycling from Graveney through Seasalter to Reculver isn't fun with a stiff headwind! Either way, give it some beans!
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  • sandiansandian Posts: 68
    Wheeled: Cool, will see you there! I will be on a black/white/red Scott and my pal a red Giant.
    Kent: Cheers pal. Wouldn't mind joining you on some training rides as would like to do some sportives myself next year!!
  • Right I'll keep em peeled then and will be on a silver-ish Lynskey.
  • Hi Ian, May be up for that tomorrow, if so ill be riding from gillingham to you.

    Cheers, Mick.
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  • Sorry I didn't make it.

    I got knocked off by a car whilst en-route. I'd only got about 5 miles!

    Hope you had fun and didn't waste too much time waiting on me. Next time I'll pm you my mobile number just to be safe.
  • Bloody motorists!
    You ok though?
    Waited at rondevous point til 7.15am.
    Got to Reculver at 8.40am, on me lonesome as usual, my pal couldn't make it.
    Had a cuppa and a flapjack at the cafe there, left about 9.15am.
    65 miles for me in the end.
    Will do again in a couple of weeks or so!
    Going to try and make it a regular every 2-3 weeks until the snow hits (thats 1 more journey then)!!
  • Nothing life threatening, went down on my right side at 20mph. Suspected fractured collar bone, can't put any weight on right leg (but they think it's only bruising to hip) and I bit of a messy elbow.

    Interesting morning, got to have a ride in an ambulance and a police car.

    Most importantly, only a graze to my new Ergo 3s, scuff to the saddle and scuff to the bars.

    Lesson learned, anyone who says cycle helmets are not worthwhile is wrong. My head hit the deck with a real clout and I wouldn't want to repeat the experience without a lid.

    Really sorry you got messed around, I very much doubt I'll be cycling again before your next ride but I'll get to the one after that.
  • Ouch!
    Sorry to hear that, hope recovery is quick and painless!!
    U didn't mess me around mate.
    Speak to u soon.
  • Hi Sandian
    Yeah I'll be up for a training run. I ride with Wigmore CC but judging by the time you leave in the morning you don't get a day pass out for training?!! Haven't been out with the club in a while though as have been doing a sportive more or less every weekend for a charity fundraising challenge, so I'm tied up til mid October, thereafter though I'll be around for a ride if you drop me a line.
    2011 Trek Madone 3.1c
    2012 Ribble 7005 Winter Trainer

    Dolor transit, gloria aeterna est.
  • I am an early bird i must admit.
    If it calls for it and i have reason, all should be good with the boss.
    Been buttering up the missus for the last few months regarding training/sportives etc so more realistic times should be doable (lots of cash bungs and bribes obviously)!!
    Anyhow's, will be up for mid October no probs.
    Good luck and speak to you soon!
    Cheers Ian
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