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Which Helmet......MET Terra/Kal Chakra?

JdkudenJdkuden Posts: 5
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Hi all, I have found a MET Terra and a Kali Chakra helmet for pretty much the same price online, which is best? I've looked at the reviews on this site and they both come well recomende but was wondering if anyone has any personal opinions?


  • The opinion is always try before you buy (even if you try in store and then buy it online).
    Different manufacturer's helmets will fit better on your head than others.
    (For example I had a choice between a Fox Flux and Giro Hex at my price point. Even though they were the same size - the Fox Flux was really uncomfortable on my head. Giro helmets seem to fit me perfectly.)
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  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    + 1 Couldn't agree more.

    Check the helmet is suitable for the riding you want or offers the level of protection you want. eg if you are doing XC riding a open face, vented helmet or if doing DH a full face helmet.

    Check the helmet fits and feels comfortable.
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