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Topless with Gilbert and Boonen

frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
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Sorry this isnt what you were expecting when opening this thread...!

Can someone who can read this language explain wtf?

tumblr_m4stps023B1qacyk6o1_400.jpg ... id=1717095
Contador is the Greatest


  • "Google Translate" gives this.
    Gaëlle Ladas, a West-Flanders with Greek roots, today was the star of Gullegem. "The world champion of the miss rate ', as she was presented. In a sunny spot where every year a notorious kermesse place. Gaëlle So, whose job it was to the riders stand out better on stage. The cycling champions went willingly in the picture: Tom Boonen, Philippe Gilbert and his associates. "No, I have not done against my will," said Ladas. "I have a good time." Ladas was a gift to her will be present: an attentive Gaëlle Philippe Gilbert gave the Ladas bloementuil he received.
    (Using Dutch - English, as Flemish isn't an option)

    "Bing" gives me this.
    Gaëlle Ladas, a West-Flemish with Greek roots, today was the star of Gullegem. ' The world champion of the masses ', so she was presented course. In a sun-drenched plugs where every year a notorious fairground rate occurs. Gaëlle so, whose task it was to better show the riders on the podium. The cycling champions willingly went on the photo: Tom Boonen, Philippe Gilbert and associates. ' No, I have not done this against my sentence, "said Ladas. ' I have amused me well. ' Ladas held a gift over to her present: a attentive Philippe Gilbert gave the flowers he got Gaëlle tuil Ladas.
    Remember that you are an Englishman and thus have won first prize in the lottery of life.
  • MrTapirMrTapir Posts: 1,206
    Intrigued as to why she has one leg painted. Tom looks extremely satisfied.
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