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XT/SRAM Drivetrain compatibility?

hootshoots Posts: 134
edited July 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
I've currently got SRAM X5 crankset and X7 transmission on my bike, but I'm looking into upgrading my derailleurs and shifters for Shimano (either SLX or XT). However, I've noticed that Shimano say their 10 speed derailleurs are only compatible with their 'Dyna-sys' gears.

The 'problem' I have is that the bike I have has got an oversized BB, which is fitted with an X5 BB30 crankset and a decent SRAM 10 speed cassette & chain.

I've previously mixed and matched 9 speed Shimano & SRAM cassettes, chains and derailleurs and never had a problem, but I'm not too sure of cross compatibility on 10 speeds - & I can't afford an expensive mistake!

Can anyone give me some sensible advice on compatibility please?


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