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Going to 1x9

Cogsy1976Cogsy1976 Posts: 143
edited July 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Ok, have pretty much convinced myself that Im going to change my set up on my spare bike to 1x9 (currently 27 speed) as when I use it (and my other bike) I pretty much dont shift out of the middle chainring. Questions are I assume I can just take the other two chain rings off of the crankset?, and two I have an internal BB so what chainguides should I be looking out for? last question could I do this myself or is it best left to the experts.

bike is a 2009 Giant Yukon FX2 which has been heavily upgraded, also as its a fairly heavy 'stock' bike I figured losing the 2 rings, shifter, and front mech would save a bit of weight as welll



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