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Looking at 2nd hand triban 7

bobcollegebobcollege Posts: 7
edited July 2012 in Commuting general
I have seen a second hand Decathlon Triban 7 Trail for sale in the local ads. The bike is 2008 model and comes with road & off road tyres, front disc brake and quick release pedals and is listed at £150.

I would just like to know if the bike is priced reasonably, searches on completed listings on eBay or elsewhere bring up no results, also unable to find any reviews.

I basically want the bike because my wife has decided she likes my Trek hybrid and I'm looking for a cheap alternative for myself.

Any assistance would be appreciated


  • Anyone?
  • Gizmo_Gizmo_ Posts: 558
    Triban range is from Decathlon originally, the 3 and 5 are well-thought-of as cheap road bikes.

    As with any s/h bike check the frame for any signs of damage; scratches etc are fine and the occasional little ding won't be a problem but if there are any cracks, especially around the bottom bracket, under the down tube near the headset, or on the dropouts that hold the wheels - walk away.
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