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Olympics - Greenway, East London

glenwattglenwatt Posts: 155
edited July 2012 in Commuting general
Just a quick one, I'm looking for some advice.

Does anyone know if the Greenway is currently and will still remain open past the Olympic Stadium during the Olympics?

I am planning a new route to work and it looks like a good option from Becton.

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  • It is open between Beckton and Stratford High Street. The section to Victoria Park, and the Lea towpath alternative route are both now closed. The Greenway reopens after the games, but the section from the View Tube (Pudding Mill Lane) to Stratford High Street will remain closed while Crossrail is built.
    Note that West Ham is an Olympic transport hub so expect a lot of pedestrians along the Greenway for the next two weeks.
  • glenwattglenwatt Posts: 155
    Thanks for the reply, I will plan around it.

    Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
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