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Want to try some non trail center biking

BanxiBanxi Posts: 25
edited July 2012 in Routes
Well iv been back on a bike for about 5 months now hand done a few trail centers. Im after getting out into the peaks for some fun but never been out there and not really that clued up on map reading. Glossop and ladybower arnt that far from me been from rotherham so it just makes me want to get out there more. Im after a nice shortish introduction ride 20miles or so. Any help would be grate thanks


  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    get the OS OL1 map and there's loads of stuff on there :)

    Hayfield is a goldmine of riding. Or there's some good riding from Castleton, or like you said, Glossop or Ladybower.

    You could also head north to the Dales or Calder Valley; Hebden Bridge is excellent
  • ProutsterProutster Posts: 785
    Banxi wrote:
    Im after a nice shortish introduction ride 20miles or so

    By the way, 20 miles in The Peaks isn't (IMHO) a shortish introduction ride - if it's round Hayfield that'll take you at least 4 hours. Well it does me anyway :oops:

    You'll find a world of difference between natural riding in The Peaks and a trail centre - much tougher and if you can manage more than 5mph average then you're a better man than me.

    That being said, I love it out there. We did 16.5 miles around Hayfield on Sunday afternoon and it took us over 4 hours - great fun!!
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    A Hayfield Orbital route is good to start off with, as you are never more than 15 minutes down the hill back to the car.
  • ProutsterProutster Posts: 785
    Agreed, this is the one that we did yesterday:

    Hayfield Loop

    As Compo says above, if you have an unfixable mechanical or run out of energy etc. you can get back down into Hayfield at loads of points.
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