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How to speed up the recovery process

legacydanlegacydan Posts: 62
So i had an operation on Monday to get a pilonidal sinus removed from the top of my censored crack( worst place ever to get one!) so im am left with a 3 cm open wound now i need to heal over the next few weeks, doctors said it was there for a few months at least and was growing towards my spine so could have gotten a lot worse if not caught. Supposedly one possible cause for it, is cycling, so my main question is, has anyone here every suffered from similar and how did your recover go, i was told it will take about 6 weeks to heal fully so i guess that means no cycling until then. Is there anything i can do to help the wound heal quicker too? i have to be really careful it doesnt get infected so need to take salty baths at least twice a day, and clean dressings throughout the day. is there anything else i can do to help things along? i really dont want to have to give up cycling as its one of the few joys in life at the moment!

Que the censored jokes!


  • Reading this I'm so glad mine got better on its own!

    BTW - did you get to see what came out? It can be kinda amazing, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • legacydanlegacydan Posts: 62
    no, i never thought of asking for a look of what came out! hopefully this operation will be the end of it, i have heard of it re-occuring for some people for years! i dont fancy that!
  • dw300dw300 Posts: 1,642
    I always heard in school that Vitamin C strengthened cell walls, so I always wondered if it aided in the recovery of wounds. I guess it wouldn't do any harm to try, just check the overdose limit. I think it's 2g/day, but I'm not a Dr.

    Get well soon.

    edit ..

    Keeping it moist can apparently almost half healing time. I was always told the opposite, have dry skin, and have always been a slow healer, so there's probably something to that.

    That's backs up the Vitamin C thing too. I wonder does that also help in post ride recovery too ...

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  • cyco2cyco2 Posts: 593
    If somebody should ask, please don't send a photo :cry:

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  • legacydanlegacydan Posts: 62
    if you want photos you can check it out on Google! i can barely look at it myself never mind post a picture of it up here to make everyone else nauseous!

    Thanks for all the tips so far! Just cant wait to get back on the bike!
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