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Mountain Mayhem 2012 rider place in team of 4

roy1966mtbroy1966mtb Posts: 2
edited June 2012 in XC and Enduro
Mayhem Place available in a team of 4 experienced rider who wants to have a good ride and enjoy the event. Santa cruz rider especially welcome 3 other riders on blur xc's


  • Would like to but not sure if I can get away. It's in Herefordshire by the look of things. Looking at the timetable I could drive down on Saturday from Manchester. How are you planning to do the night section? ie what gap between each ride?
    Would It work for you if I get there on Saturday, or do you want to do some prep for which I need to be present?


    Just to set the scene, I've never done any MTB racing. Bit of a punter but generally overtake most people when out at trail centres. Did the Fred in 10:15
  • Sorry, can't make it.
  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 6,643
    Goddamn you small child for being born on this exact wekend!!!!!

    This would qualify me for your team though...

    Advocate of disc brakes.
  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 6,643
    Haha, looking at the weather... "Thank you small child for being born on this exact weekend!!!!!"
    Advocate of disc brakes.
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    Be very grateful.... It was an interesting experience.... :shock: :lol:
    Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away....

    Riding a gorgeous ano orange Turner Burner!

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  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 6,643
    I rode SITS in the mud a few years ago, I swore I'd never do it again.

    I was jealous when I saw those pics though.
    Advocate of disc brakes.
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