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Ladies Boardman Hybrid Stolen

AdingleAdingle Posts: 2
edited June 2012 in Road stolen
I had my Ladies Boardman Fi Hybrid Comp Bike 2011/2012 stolen outside Blackhorse Road tube station today. It had a Specialized women's specific seat on it also.

Locked it up just after 8am with a Magnum 3010 180cm x 25mm lock. Came back just after 7pm tonight after a days work to find it was stolen. Bike and lock both stolen. Piece of my mudguard was left so might suggest the wrestled it off a bit. Gutted as it was my first day back commuting on my bike after a break.

Reported it to the police who I was impressed with as they called back within an hour of me reporting the crime and they are going to investigate further as there is CCTV right on the bike parking area.

Sadly the CCTV operator at the station said that it happens all too often and they are powerless to do anything. I am not banking on getting it back as I am sure it is long gone.


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