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MTB trails near Findhorn and Forres

RyanMK43RyanMK43 Posts: 113
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Can anyone recommend some good mtb'ing around Findhorn/Forres? the closer to Findhorn the better please. i am on holiday up there for a couple of weeks soon and last year my brother and i hit the moray monster trails and had a great time. but this year we want to cram in as much riding as pos. so if anybody can recommend any trails that would be great. thanks


  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    I take it you will have transport while up there?

    You have Moray Monster Trail/Learnie Red Rock Trails/Laggan Wolftrax/Balblair(bonar bridge)/Golspie to name a few,i have to been to Balblair and heard good things about the others,only thing is you will have to travel to them.

    Could always try here they helped me out when i went up that way with the mountain bike.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Been a long time since I was up that way but there used to be some nice tracks in Culbin Forest. Sandy in places but good for a pedally blast. Also if you got on the old railway line out of Forres by Dallas distillery there used to be little loops into the woods at various places.

    As I say been a long time since I was up there probably all been ploughed up by now.
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  • RyanMK43RyanMK43 Posts: 113
    Thanks guys i will have a look into them :) we walked that old railway line last year and there looks to be a few decent woods that we can just have a little explore in. Thanks once again
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