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Replacement brake pad holder screws?

AC20030_1AC20030_1 Posts: 109
edited May 2012 in Workshop
Hi All. I rounded the brake pad holder screws on my SRAM red brakes. Ive had them removed but struggling to find replacement screws online. Anyone know where sells them?


  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Never seen them sold individually, but if you can't find them online your LBS may be able to help.

    Alternatively, just buy some really cheap pads and holders (Clarks do some for £5 at CRC) and take the screws out of there - annoying but at least then you have some spare pads and holders (as oer posts passim, the Clarks pads are actually pretty good as well).

    If you round them off in the future, just use a pair of pliers to get them undone then you can re-use them again.

    Remember, they don't have to done up FT - just hand tight (the lock nut on there holds them in place)
  • AC20030_1AC20030_1 Posts: 109
    Thanks Yossie. The LBS didnt have any so ill go get some clarks like you suggest. Cheers.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    edited May 2012
    I agree with everything Yossie says.

    You could replace them with other cheap holders, but I wouldn't bother.

    They're only a small allen key fitting, get rusty, so easy to round - I just use pliers to release and tighten back up
  • TwostageTwostage Posts: 987
    I rounded one of those tiny bolts and have to use pliers on it now. Whenever I swap pads now I put a small amount of grease on the thread so I don't round the heads of the other three.
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