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Tandem woes

joey21joey21 Posts: 53
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Hi guys, I'm not sure where to put this so please move it if/when appropriate.

I am working on a tandem at the moment, replaced the rear tube, chains and pads, now having a huge issues with the gears, its 4 speed by the way.

The rear mech has no limit screws and seems to be done purely on cable tension, currently I cannot stop the chain going over first and it won't even drop into fourth.

The shifter is on the downtube and the cable doubles back on itself from the mech. There is a small barrel adjuster allowing each cable to reach the shifter, this totals two barrel adjusters.

Furthermore I had to remove the rear mech in order to get the wheel off, it has a single jockey wheel and a roller underneath, using a long external spring pulled close to the 'co-pilots' bottom bracket, does the lateral position of this have any bearing on the gear indexing?

I understand this thread is hard to understand without any pictures but would appreciate any help that could be given.

(The bike is a Buckley and has a few years behind it!!)

Many thanks.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    What make is the gearing?

    Derailleur or hub or.....
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  • joey21joey21 Posts: 53
    Its derailleur with no brand visible I'm afraid. Its clearly something to do with the cable tension but too oblivious/impatient to see it.
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