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Quick quiz for you.


a) What Archimedes shouted when he jumped out of the bath
b) A Swedish presenter on British TV
c) The new sponsors of GreenEdge

If you said c) then congratulations. You win a three year sponsorship deal from an Australian mining explosives company.

I assume that the team will overcome their lack of climbing prowess by just blowing up the mountains.
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  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,101
    Orica? Interesting, as the company does a lot more than just mining-related products like the explosives. Did some work for them a few years back. They are pretty big worldwide in that field with operations worldwide.

    Not sure I understand the direct value of them as a sponsor, at least for Orica rather than the team, other than good PR (hopefully) from results. They have had a bad run in the press here of late with repeated hazardous material spills from their ammonium nitrate plants, so maybe this is designed to improve their public image.
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  • liquor boxliquor box Posts: 184
    i think it is just a great tax dodge, the governemtn here is introducing massive taxes for the mining industry and the companies will be trying to offset this with sponsorships.

    Great news for Australian Cycling, hopefully this will allow the team to keep future stars like Meyer for the long term.
  • TusherTusher Posts: 2,762
    Does anyone else think 'Orca whale' or is it just me?

    Pleased for the Aussies though.
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