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Cheap mountain kings ok for general trail riding?

Shooting mikeShooting mike Posts: 54
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Got myself a carerra Vulcan recently which I must say I'm very impressed with for the money. Like the mbuk review said, it seems to handle really well.
The stock tyres are CST which don't seem too bad but are very knobbly and drag a bit on the roads to and from my local ride spot. Someone on here recently said they'd swapped the tyres for something a bit better and couldn't believe how heavy the stock ones were.

So, I've been researching "good all round tyres" and it couldnt be more difficult! Some love schwalbe, yet some say they're expensive and wear quickly, some love maxxis but they're expensive and there's a staggering range of tyres and compounds, some love panaracer but many say there are now better tyres on the Market, some love kenda but some hate them.
So, I just wanted to gauge opinions on how people have found the cheap conti mk's, the likes of which can be found on the net for about fifteen quid. I know the black chilli are meant to be the dogs danglies but realistically, I am never going to be giving peaty a run for his money so can't justify 50 quid a tyre.
All I do is local trail riding, sometimes with the kids, and the odd red run at sherwood pines with colleagues. Don't get me wrong, when I get the chance I like to let rip a bit and turn the speed on. The local trails are a mixture of hard packed sandy stuff, sticky mud in places, old pit slag sites etc. Nothing too rocky or rooty and nothing too steep.



  • It is me that used to have the Vulcan and made the comment about tyre weight. When I changed the CST tyres to Mountain Kings, the weight difference was massive. Both MK tyres seemed lighter than 1 of the CST tyres!
    I was using the cheap wire bead Conti MK's on the Vulcan, and to best honest they were so prone to punctures I changed them quite quickly. I dont know if they have thin side walls or what, but its quite a common thing with them.
    Im now running a Carrera Fury, with Panaracer Fire XC Pro folding tyres. For me, these tyres have been amazing. Using them since January, they just work in any conditions. And so far, touch wood, not a single puncture!
  • Thanks for that.. I've searched that much about tyres, I couldn't remember the specifics...
    Punctures are a bit of a problem where I ride due to pretty much constant hawthorn hedges which is why I'm trialling some slime in my tubes, so I reckon the last thing I need is puncture prone tyres! Thanks again.
  • frazeredfrazered Posts: 333
    They will be fine.

    I have them on my beater ht as I was caught short with having balded my panaracers just before a trip to coed y brenin. They have since done the MBR, Gisburn and llandegla.
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    The wire bead mountain king 2s should be fine. You can get them for £14 online.
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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,092
    The old ones used to be dreadful but they seem to be alright now.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    They are the worst tyres I have used. Even the new ones are useless & very prone to punctures & pinch flats
  • Thanks for the replies chaps. For what they cost, think I might try one at least on the back, along with the new bontrager xr4 on the front. Seems to get pretty good reviews and mbuk certainly liked it last month..

    Or then again, if I go bonty xr4 on the front, maybe a bonty xr2 at the back? They reckon to be a decent fast rolling all terrain jobby that I reckon would be ok paired with the xr4....
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    XR2's have absolutely no grip in the wet. XR4's are excellent but a little slow rolling. How about Nobby Nics? Fast rolling with good grip
  • Too expensive for what I do, can't justify the cost. Priced up a conti mk 2 at 12 quid and a bonty xr4 at 15. If the bonty is a bit slow rolling, I'm sure the conti on the back would even things out making a faster rolling setup than what I have now.. Or, anyone used an xr3? I'm guessing it'd be somewhere between a 2 and 4 so fast rolling with a bit more grip for all conditions.
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