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Secure Bike Parking - City of London

agleesaglees Posts: 4
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I'm starting a new job around August time in the City and unfortunately it looks like they don't have provision for cycle storage (shared basement / loading bay), showers or the like.

I love a morning blast down the Embankment, or a longer spin after work so the idea of Boris several days a week turns my stomach.

What options have I got? Getting another job is not an option ;)


  • Depends on where you are in the City, but On Your Bike in Tooley Street run a secure bike park. You'd need to walk back over Blackfriar's Bridge, but there's not much else in the city.

    Alternatively, H2 Bike Run are supposed to be opening a site by Moorgate this year:

    I used their Covent Garden location for a few months when I worked in the west end, and it was ideal as somewhere to park the bike, have a shower and get changed. You can also rent lockers there so you don't need to be lugging work clothes around with you. To top it off, they have a really good bike mechanic and on-site dry cleaning- so everything is covered. I was a really big fan, but I don't know when the Moorgate location opens, nor if it will have all the same facilities.
  • agleesaglees Posts: 4
    Thats great - many thanks for those suggestions!
  • Gizmo_Gizmo_ Posts: 558
    Weird, I was just thinking about that as a business idea this morning. I wasn't sure how much call there'd be for it though...
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