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One side works more than the other

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I've been cycling for a while now but only realised as of late after my mate said his missus does the same thing when using gym equipment, which is when I cycle my right side feels like it's had more of a work out and if you look at my legs you can notice a slight difference in muscle size on the legs, right being very slightly larger and toned when flexing.

It must be completely subconcious and that when out riding I power more with my right than I do with my left.

I've tried to think about it more and more when riding so I think I'm applying equal pressure, hell I've even rode clipped in with just my left leg to combat it (not easy) but I just forget and must continue on doing it.

If I think back, everything I do is predominately right handed so it makes sense I guess I just want to be able to tone up the other side to balance it out and it's not easy.

Anyone else experience this and have ways to balance it out as it were?


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    Just have to isolate the weaker side. If your right side is dominant in the gym (for example OHP or deadlift) you can even it out with barbell work on the opposite.

    Legs work in a similar manner - turbo or rollers(whilst supporting the unclipped leg) lets you isolate the weak leg or single leg extentions/presses/SL squats

    I gave up on the gym quite early and got the bike out again but I was beginning to balance my upper body out this way,my legs were off too due to a broken metatarsal in 2010 but they pretty much evened out,although I do sometimes feel my left leg being dominant (5th meta on right foot broke).

    Bi-lateral breathing in the pool seems to help me too.
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    Everybody has a leading leg and muscle imbalance is one of the causes of back pain.

    You were nearly there when you started leading with your left leg, you just have to stick at it and make a conscious effort. It will eventually become subconscious - in my case it took about a year riding 2-3 times week, 20 miles per ride. I still have to remind myself sometimes but the balance is there. Basically your right leg is doing all the work and your left leg is just there for the ride and unless you do something about it it will only get worse.

    Lead with your left on non-pedally descents & rollable obstacles
    Use your left leg more on the climbs count 5 strokes with the left then 5 with the right make them all count
    Start off on your bike left foot first
    Single leg squats
  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537
    I've done some research on this, recommendations are like using free weights so you individually tone up one side because weights like bars still mean you're sharing the load and your predominant side takes over again.

    Not that easy on a bike, I guess as you say blitz, its a case of mind over matter but Ill try the counting/single leg squats etc cheers.
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