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Noob HR Question/musings

ddraverddraver Posts: 24,285
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Hi all

Hopefully, you can see this -

I'm not very experienced at tracking this sort of data, but what surprised me is that my HR steadily decreased over the race (8 laps of an MTB course - I suppose a traditionalish XC course). I did nt drink enough and was cramping up something terrible on the penultimate lap and probably am not fit enough to race over that distance/time on a short, relentless, technical course, but even so, usually my HR stays constant or steadily increases over the ride/race/sportive...

Any ideas, am I just obsessing too much or is there something I can change/work on?

Let me have it!
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  • DHA987SDHA987S Posts: 284
    I think that dehydration lowers HR if you are exercising. I'm no expert however and am happy to be corrected.
  • i wouldnt worry too much about HR unless you doing a intense race or intervals/proper training.

    you cant get a good reading from HR without knowing your base HR stats and to do that you need to do the HR stat tests to get a HR reading from which you can work from.

    Ie heart rate reserve test
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