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Wierd loose chain now and again when freewheeling

Paul EPaul E Posts: 2,052
edited March 2012 in Workshop
On the way in this morning only now and again the chain went loose between the chain ring and the top of the cassette, it seemed to sort itself out, but it's confusing as it only did it now and again, the wheels are aksiums a couple of years old. This would have to start 3 weeks before I am due to do a bit of a tour north of glasgow with a mate.

Any ideas?


  • bobs bikesbobs bikes Posts: 589
    it sounds like a sticky cassette hub. i assume you mean the chain sags between the cassette and the chainrings?
    the cassette is moving with the wheel before the tension of the derailleur snaps it back again.
  • Paul EPaul E Posts: 2,052
    Yeah it sags between the cassette and the chainrings, it only did it now and again.

    What's the solution?
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    New freehub body or wheel.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • Paul EPaul E Posts: 2,052
    I will be having a look at it tonight, I have another set of wheels that can go on, heavier and don't run as freely (I regreased and reset the preload on the cups the other day, luckily) Will help with the training I suppose.

    Thanks for the help, so it might just be fubar'd then and not just out of grease?
  • Hi Paul,

    I had the same problem with my Aksiums last year (which were only about 1 year old with few miles on them). At the same time I developed a particularily annoying squeal from the freehub as well. It was particularily bad on fast descents and meant that I had to keep pedalling to stop the chain bunching up.

    After searching for quite a while for the answer I found a really useful post on here (I think it was titled aksium death screech or something similar). It gave good instructions about how to remove freehub and regrease the certain areas. There was also a good video if you google mavic death screech which shows you how to relube the bushing I think.

    Anyway, I followed this advice and one year on I've had no further problems.

    Good luck,

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