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Wearing brakes in?!?

Asar01Asar01 Posts: 51
edited March 2012 in MTB beginners
Hey everyone, ive just got a set of Shimano XTR brakes with 203/160 setup but have a quick question.

The rear break was sharp the first time i ever tried them with excellent stopping power but that wasn't the case for the front break as i still cant lift the back end of my bike even if i tried to... Was it setup wrong or is this normal for brand new brakes?


  • Normal for brand new brakes, just google bedding in methods, or just ride with it. Also make sure there's no oil or censored on the rotor/pads.
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  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Hmm, sounds dodgy to me. My XT 203s were like dropping anchor from day one. What rotors do you have?
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  • Asar1Asar1 Posts: 4
    i have the icetech 203mm rotors and after riding for over 9 hours today there still the same, i cant endo or even lift the back up without putting allot of force on the Leaver so first thing tommorow im taking it to evans to get them checked out..
  • Asar01Asar01 Posts: 51
    i mean even with my weight being 119kg surely that isn't going to matter is it? i mean even with my elixer 3 brakes with 180mm rotors i could endo and lift the back with no problem.
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Im a little lighter than you at 80kg, but within one ride on mine if I grabbed the lever hard I would face plant (I know this from experience).
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