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BMI Baby Bike Carriage

Adrian WaineAdrian Waine Posts: 284
edited March 2012 in Tour & expedition
Looking to go to Spain sometime during the summer with beloved and may well take the wife.
I can't make out from the BMI Baby website whether you get any extra baggage allowance for paying for bike carriage. Max. weight of bike box is 18kg, but I'm not sure if that gives you any extra allowance. I think perhaps not as this may be an inconvenience charge only.
Does anyone know one way or the other?
Adrian W.


  • rc856rc856 Posts: 1,139
    Flew to Lourdes last year with BMI Baby and it cost me quite a bit for the extra 18kgs just for the bike.
    IIRC it was just 18kgs you got.
  • bigjimbigjim Posts: 780
    Watch them on hand luggage also. Their dimensions are less than anybody else's. My daughter got caught out recently as her "hand luggage approved" bag was 2mm over what they consider "approved" and they charged her £35 for it to be checked in at Manchester. There was no argument allowed by check-in, as she was told [shouted at] loudly in broken English "Niet, it no allowed". In Manchester!
    Airlines seem to have lost the concept of customer care over the years. I called their customer care line. They were not interested. Oh and they lost the bag for two days anyway. :roll:
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