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Draft Cycling Strategy views welcome

gooseygoosey Posts: 132
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It's for County Durham, but anyone with an interest in such things, please feel free to chip in. I'm on the LAF and am meant to be making some kind of response so would be interested in what you would hope to see in a Cycling Strategy...


  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    It talks about how the county has excellent on and off road cycling facilities. It states that both on-road and off-road cycling is a priority in the objectives. Yet all of the activities and "projects" are focused on improving on-road facilities, integrating cycling in to transport plans.

    - Where are the projects to improve off-road facilities?
    - What are they doing to focus on the leisure aspects?

    Lastly a bug of mine:
    - It would also be very nice for strategies to consider the safety needs of ALL road users when being implemented. Superhighways cause problems for other road users and create a lot of resentment towards cyclists, if they reduce road real estate on busy routes, increasing congestion.
    - Putting cycle lanes on narrow busy roads for example causes motorcyclists real safety problems for example. These things needs to be considered when promoting cycling facilities to stop the them and us mentality.
  • gooseygoosey Posts: 132
    Thanks diy
    Keep 'em coming!
  • hangeronhangeron Posts: 127
    How about sending all the highway engineers to Netherlands for a study session with this guy

    good post from him here on his excellent blog - making people feel safe when cycling is pretty much the key....if you can't do that you may as well not bother ... afety.html
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