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Foot pain overnight

mfinmfin Posts: 6,724
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I went on the turbo briefly last night and now have pain in my left foot.

I turboed at 4pm yesterday and by 8pm when Id mostly stayed sat down till then I was walking badly on my left foot, so much that by the time I went to bed the pain was offputting enough to rub some tiger balm on it and take an ibuprofen.

This morning, I know its not freed up yet but as soon as I got out of bet I was limping and wincing a bit.

Now, here's the thing, is this fluke?? I moved my cleats about 2-3mm from being positioned towards the inside of the shoe back towards the middle of the shoe the night before, so that was first ride like that.

Is it the cleat change that caused it. I have no muscle ache or anything at all similar in my right foot, but in my left if Im lying down and move my foot it spikes with pain. It hurts instantly if I move it about. Ive tried to replicate the pain where its most, if I bend all my toes up it hurts a lot, or if I turn my whole foot downwards to a stretch point it hurts. Ive also pushed and prodded it, but that doesnt hurt, pulling toes up indvidually it only does the pain pulling toe next to big toe. Hurts 30% as much with neighbouring ones as that one has to move I expect.

I cant figure out whats happened. But, should I move those cleats back?? I cant think it could be that, that would be fluke, and how could it irritate one foot so much and the other is perfectly normal?? Anyone familiar with these things and shed any light??

I dont want to put the cleats back unless I have to, but am tempted to put them back immediately and never touch them again, but 2mm on a Keo Cleat in Carbon soled shoes, pedalled for half an hour, surely that cant have caused it?? More likely I stumbled over something and cant remember cos it was one of those everyday things that happen in a split second and you carry on with what you are doing??

Any thoughts welcome, its naffed me off, cos it feels like 'off the bike for a week pain' and of course I dont want it repeating.


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Were you pushing especially hard on the turbo, and is it possible your shoes were tighter than normal or you'd got a thicker pair of socks on??

    Google metatarsalgia.

    I woke up last Friday and found I could barely put any pressure on my right foot. Still on ibuprofen 6 days later. I put it down to too much walking in new, slightly too tight boots
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