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Spinning DVD's / Videos

islwynislwyn Posts: 650
Film called Chasing Legends... Without a doubt. I watch it every time, over and over...


  • islwynislwyn Posts: 650
    Obviously that's just the trailer...... But you may actually find the film on there too.

    Or a 55minute montage of Cavendish kicking censored .. ... re=related
  • XommulXommul Posts: 251
    I have now used quite a few DVDs some are mine, some borrowed from friends.

    Endurance style riding - Aero base builder 1,2,3 from spinervals or any action film, just use a HR monitor to keep your HR 60-72ish %
    Threshold Training - Most sufferfest dvds are great, CTS trainright criterium, lots of spinnervals e.g Have mercy!
    Hills - CTS Hill climb, Spinervals Big Gear strength or Power climbing

    Good luck with your choices and enjoy.

    MTB Trek 4300 Disc 1999
    Road Rose Carbon Pro RS Custom
    Canyon Spectral AL 7.9 29er
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