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Lee Quarry in the snow..

DodgeTDodgeT Posts: 2,255
edited December 2011 in Your pics and vids
Few pics from this mornings ride, well, play around.. Me and Ali aka 1mancity2 were on the trails for 9.
Was interesting, spent more time trying to get some good shots (albeit with crappy blackberry - but hey, better than nothing) than riding. We even managed some air on the table tops, Ali a lot more than me. He's the one getting big air in the pic, i'm the one with the before shot. I did get a little air I promise :D
Thank god for sealskins socks, see the pic where i went straight through the ice on the pump track..
Saw a few other peeps making there way up as we were making our way down about 11. Was real good fun and great for practising cornering / balance technique.

Enjoy :D

Where we are going..

Where we'd been

Snail or whatever it is

Top of the berms

And again

Thank you sealskins..

Ali in the air

Me before

Snowy fresh tabletops to finish :D


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