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Holmfirth West Yorkshire

oasis99999oasis99999 Posts: 27
edited November 2011 in Routes
Does anybody know of any good routes in the holmfirth area, looking for a decent 20 / 25 miler ??? If someone could post a link with a route on that would be great..... :?:


  • hi,
    If you find some let me know, Ive been doing variations of a route which is about 21-23 miles, i live in Shepley so I start and finish there, I would say its about 60/40 road/offroad dirt tracks and a few steep hills with rewarding downhills Ive tried to copy a route from mapmyride but couldn't do it. not sure how else to give you the route, I think maybe if you have the app "imapmyride" and add me then you can view my routes. hope this has been some help? probably not
  • Ben ... see ChrisB, its his stomping ground ... :)
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