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MRI / Ultra Sound. NO GOOD! Recommend me

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Hi there. I am looking for some advice or a recommendation if you've had a similar problem.

17 months ago was the last time I rode a bike.
Out training one evening I had pains in the bottom outside of the quad in one knee, so I limped home. I tried another bike a week later with the same result.
The MRI was a waste of time as was the consultant surgeon. Not only did they scan the wrong part of the leg but such was the consuta apparent ineptitude in our follow up meeting he scuttled off and had a colleague rescue him from my questions, non of which he seemed able to answer.

Fast forward to Tueday last week. Finally, after all manner of admin' blunders and re-arranged appointments, I was give the green light by a different team at a different hospital to go and ride since the Ultra sound could not see any scar tissue nor any thing other than a healthy (end of) the lat' quad and the tendon and associated area.

I hired a bike on the Red route at Cannock yesterday and lasted 2hr 20 mins. I walked home, such were the sharp pains in my muscle. Up to that point it seemed to holding out, a few twinges, especially when riding with feet flat -presumably my quads acting as the suspension in taking up the trail bumps - although the business of turning he pedals proved no problem. I guess from this experience that skiing is also out of the question too!

Anyone had a similar experience?

Can anyone recommend a 1/2 decent surgeon as I am now willing to pay and ditch the "£$%^&* NHS?



  • I can't recommend any decent surgeons, but i'm in a similar situation to you. Stemming from a motorcycle accident a few years ago, which I never went to hospital for, I started having pain in my knee when riding. Had an MRI done, and the results were that the bands in my knee, mainly on the back, were too long and too flat, in some of them, they were just hanging. Surgery was out of the question because the damage is not bad enough, but I have referred to an Orthopaedic person, possibly will be getting a few braces and exercises to do. Maybe check that route?
  • I there is nothing to find, then they won't find anything.....

    Have you considered a sports physio?
  • Hi.
    The problem is, as you might have gathered, is not the knee, it's the area around where the Lat' quad' muscle becomes a tendon above the knee. Edit button seemed not to be up earlry this morning!

    Sports physio was my first post of call 17 months ago, but it's clearly more complex than they are used to dealing with, so after a few sessions I went to my GP.

    There was suggestion that since the UScan did not show up anything of note, it could be nerve damage. The Dr / Mr did suggest I rode and come back if the problem persists.

    I would add that I have not been able to wear tight-ish jeans, even upto last week, I can about manage 2-3hrs before the pain in the lat quad / tendon area becomes too uncomfortable. It's a sharp pain, seemingly right on the surface of the skin.
  • Update:

    I've written to my GP asking for advice.

    I've also written to the consultant radiologist at Hemel and have told him about the ride and the fact that there is likely something to see now and that I will sit in reception on this coming Monday morning in the hope that he can squeeze me into his schedule or if there's a no-show.

    Other than that, I am considering going private. I can pay and get an ultra sound in the next two days if I want. Beyond that, I'll concentrate upon my walking and try the bike again in a year or so.

    Anyone any other thoughts?
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