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Centering old single pivot calipers

mikeyboy12345mikeyboy12345 Posts: 187
edited November 2011 in Workshop
The winter bike has been pressed into service: 80s Raleigh Banana gaspipe special with feeble Weinmann single pivot calipers.

How on earth do I adjust them to centre properly? Any ideas? When I bolt the caliper up tight and apply the brake, one side doesn't release. If I slacken off the caliper mounting bolt so that the brakes return correctly then the whole assembly feels loose, and the front caliper visibly moves under braking (gives a jolt like a badly loose headset).

This can't be right! Any help appreciated. Adjusting modern dual pivots never seems to be a problem. As much as I'd like to keep the bike "period" I can see the Weinmanns going in the bin at this rate!


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