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Optimum wet/muddy tyre set-up..

Kiwi JohnKiwi John Posts: 32
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Advice wanted... what is a good set up for wet/muddyish single track woodland trails. I notice a lot of manufacturers sell MTB's with larger tyres on the front and smaller on the rear, I would have thought the other way around would be more beneficial. At the moment i have Maxxis Minion 26x2.35 Super Tackys attached front and back which i love in dryer weather but were very slow rolling and heavy on my muddy trails this morning. Cheers Peeps...
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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    What type of riding?
  • I didnt know there was more than one way to ride a single track woodland trail.
    It's better to burn out than to fade away!!
  • The front tyre is usually bigger, as you want it to have as much grip as possible. Think about it, if your back wheel slips at some point, you skid, or slide, but can control it still. If your front will skids or slips, you're almost certain to fall off, or at least feel uncomfortable.

    The back tyre is usually slimmer, as you want it to cut through mud to get the grip at the bottom. Slimmer tyres will cut through easier than wider ones

    As for what you're after though. Where are you riding? What's the mud like? Gritty? Gloopy? Do you ride on roads to get there? Try different tyres if I were you, it takes a while to find a decent combination. I like Advantages and High Rollers, but change every now and then
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